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One of the Best Lighting Fixture of 2024

Floor Lamps

One of the Best Lighting Fixture of 2024 Lighting is no longer just functional; it dramatically impacts the interior. It has the power to turn the boring ambience into captivating interior. But, the design and style you choose make the whole difference. We see trends come and go, but it is not always possible to…

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Decor Lighting: The Way to Illuminate Your Home & Lives

Decor Lighting

Establishing the perfect decor light in your home is the biggest task. It has recently become the primary focus of interior designers as it plays a pivotal role in setting the vibe. That is why choosing the perfect lighting for your home from the style, material, shade, and fixture placement is crucial.  With so many different…

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Vanity Mirror Lighting in Adelaide Reduces Overhead Lighting Shadows

modern wall lighting Australia

Increasing your vanity mirror lighting in Adelaide can eliminate the shadows that over-mirror lighting alone can provide. This type of lighting brightens your reflection and allows you to achieve a closer shave, apply makeup more precisely, and complete other everyday tasks with ease. For over 25 years, Decor Lighting has been providing vanity lighting and…

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Looking for Bathroom Lighting in Adelaide? Decor Lighting Can Help

It can be an overwhelming task to choose bathroom lighting in Adelaide. Different spaces in your bathroom require different types of illumination, yet you must keep the overall feel of the room cohesive. At Decor Lighting, we offer an array of lighting choices to help you outfit any bathroom in your home with beautiful, stylish…

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