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Vanity Mirror Lighting in Adelaide Reduces Overhead Lighting Shadows

Increasing your vanity mirror lighting in Adelaide can eliminate the shadows that over-mirror lighting alone can provide. This type of lighting brightens your reflection and allows you to achieve a closer shave, apply makeup more precisely, and complete other everyday tasks with ease. For over 25 years, Decor Lighting has been providing vanity lighting and other lighting solutions to homeowners. We are equipped to make your bathroom vanity as functional as possible as well as improving other interior and exterior areas of your house. Contact us on (08) 8362 07 88 or email sales@decorlighting.com.au to learn more today. 

Benefits of Vanity Mirror Lighting in SA

Proper vanity lighting can transform the way you put on makeup, shave, and perform other daily tasks. Whether you’re heading out for a night on the town or simply getting ready for your workday, the right lighting can help you see yourself as you really are. A few benefits of choosing the right lighting include:

  • Eliminating shadows. Shadows on your face during makeup application can give you an inaccurate picture of what you look like. Proper lighting eliminates these shadows and makes it much easier to look and feel great when you leave the house.
  • Reduced eye strain. The right lighting can minimise eye strain by allowing you to keep your eyes wide open while applying makeup without squinting or ending up with painful or irritated eyes afterward.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Vanity Mirror Lighting in SA

The simplest solution may not be the best when it comes to your bathroom lighting. Choosing vanity lighting carefully can ensure that you end up with the perfect lighting conditions for the tasks you need to complete at your bathroom mirror. For the best results possible, be sure to avoid these common mistakes.

  • Using harsh lighting. Lighting that’s too harsh can create shadows in some areas of your face and over-illuminate others, leading to improper makeup applications, shaving mishaps, and more. Installing lighting around the sides of your mirror is one solution that can provide balanced light with minimal shadows.
  • Not considering the lighting throughout the entire space. Vanity lighting isn’t all there is to good bathroom lighting. Instead of highlighting just one specific area, be sure to address the lighting needs of all areas of the room.
  • Placing lighting at the wrong height. Side mirror lighting should be placed around eye level to receive maximum benefits and the most shadow-reducing capabilities.

Investing in proper vanity mirror lighting in SA allows you to see your whole face clearly to ensure a close shave and proper make up application.

Why Decor Lighting Is Cost-Effective

At Decor Lighting, we offer free home consultations to assess your lighting needs. Our range of fixtures allows you to create a space that is stylish and well-lit. Incorporating effective, modern lighting can reduce your energy consumption and supply bright light without shadows. We work closely with designers and builders to ensure that we can install proper lighting around your vanity and throughout your home. To schedule a free in-home consultation, contact us today and learn more about how we can improve the lighting around your bathroom mirror.