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Looking for Bathroom Lighting in Adelaide? Decor Lighting Can Help

It can be an overwhelming task to choose bathroom lighting in Adelaide. Different spaces in your bathroom require different types of illumination, yet you must keep the overall feel of the room cohesive. At Decor Lighting, we offer an array of lighting choices to help you outfit any bathroom in your home with beautiful, stylish lighting. Contact us on (08) 8362 07 88 or email sales@decorlighting.com.au to learn more today.

Looking for Bathroom Lighting in Adelaide

Benefits of Bathroom Lighting in SA

Lighting a bathroom correctly does more than just make the room look good. Good lighting is important in every room in your home, but never more important than in the bathroom. Upgrading just the lighting can give your bathroom a renovated look and help maximise its functionality. Here are a few benefits of installing good bathroom lighting.

Safety. Your choice of bathroom lighting can make your bathroom safer, especially at night. A brightly-lit bathroom can make it hard to get back to sleep in the middle of the night, but too-dim lighting can lead to falls and injuries.

Easier tasks. People use their bathrooms for many different activities that require good lighting, including shaving, brushing teeth, applying makeup, styling hair, and generally getting ready for their day. Vanity lighting is central to how functional this space is.

Decor. Decorative bathroom lighting offers a great opportunity to have some fun with style. Modern light options can not only enhance functionality but also add visual interest to the space.

Visibility. Showers and water closets can have the frustrating problem of not enough light. Make these spaces more functional with overheard ambient lighting or even a fan/light combination.

Tips Regarding Bathroom Lighting in South Australia

Do you need help getting started planning the perfect bathroom lighting in SA? Consider these tips.

Create layers of light. Aim for three layers of light: ambient light from chandeliers, flush mounts, or pendants; task lighting for everyday activities such as grooming; and accent lighting designed to highlight the decor and architectural features of the bathroom.

Look for similar finishes. It isn’t necessary that your overhead fixtures match your sconces, but you’ll end up with a more cohesive look if you at least try to match finishes.

Consider the size of your fixtures. A pendant light or chandelier may be too much, depending on the size of the room. Take the size of your bathroom into account and shop for appropriately-sized fixtures.

About Decor Lighting

At Decor Lighting, we have 25 years’ experience offering bathroom lighting in South Australia as well as a range of other lighting solutions. We focus on exceptional quality, on-trend designs, and customer service to ensure that you are completely satisfied. We are happy to provide an onsite consultation for residential and commercial projects as well. If you need bathroom lighting, ceiling fans, lamps, outdoor lighting, or other lighting solutions, contact Decor Lighting today.