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View Our Large Range of Unique Lighting in Adelaide

Understand what lighting is about before you purchase your next chandelier, pendant or under-counter light for home lighting in Adelaide. This understanding will save you money as well as a disappointment if you don’t achieve the desired effect. Our proficient team can assist you with all your lighting enquiries for residential or commercial, indoors or outdoors, functional or aesthetic, whatever your concern, we can help. Contact us on (08) 8362 07 88 or email sales@decorlighting.com.au to learn more today. 

Tips for Getting More Value out of Residential Lighting in Adelaide

When purchasing lights for your home, there are various factors to consider which will enable you to select the correct product. Here are a few quick pointers to guide you.

  • Layers of lighting: Architect Robert Gross has said that homeowners tend to light rooms as if they are hosting a convention. In Gross’ opinion, homeowners put too much emphasis on overhead lighting, which does not add warmth or character to any space. A variety of light sources could make your common areas more flexible, such as a table lamp which creates intimacy.
  • Don’t forget the shadows: Overhead lights create shadows which hamper the efficacy of your workspaces by casting a shadow over the exact spot where you need to work. Under-cabinet lights or a desk lamp can successfully address these problems.
  • Colour of paint: According to interior decorators, you should remember that the colour of paint on the walls will determine if a room appears dark or light, and multiple lights coupled with dark colour will not change the appearance. It will merely be a well-lit darkish room.

Why You Should Use Decor Lighting

After gaining experience in this industry over two decades, we are a knowledgeable team with extensive experience to assist you during the process of selecting the perfect lighting solution for your needs. Our free consultations allow us to collaborate with you to fully understand what you are hoping to achieve, from aesthetics to functionality and energy consciousness, we have budget-friendly lighting options to suit your taste.

Contact us and purchase your home lighting in SA from us; we would love to be of assistance.

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