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Trendy, Aesthetically Pleasing or Functional Table Lamps Available in Adelaide

Pay attention to the different effects achieved with illumination. These could help you create a space of your dreams, and conversely, shatter that very dream. Lighting is a quick fix to many style faux pas and offers an affordable solution to a somewhat costly problem. Contact us on (08) 8362 07 88 or email sales@decorlighting.com.au to learn more today. 

The Importance of Table Lamps in South Australia

Selecting the correct table lamps are often used to complete a task, ambient or accent lighting. Understand the purpose of the room to aid in choosing the perfect light.

  • Decor: Table lamps can be functional while also creating a focal point in a room to emphasise an item or create ambience with the shadow it projects outward.
  • Height: Depending on the area which requires light, consider a taller lamp as it will shed light over a larger area.
  • Glare: Although it is a well-known fact that people over the age of fifty require double the amount of light they did in their twenties, avoid uncomfortable glare by choosing a lamp with a controlled beam for efficacy and comfort.

Trends About Lamp Shades in Adelaide

Lighting trends usually reflect furniture trends. All lighting, from floor lamps around Adelaide to outdoor lighting, is changing to a cleaner, uncluttered look which reveals an architectural style.

  • Proportions: Shades are excellent in creating emphasis. Consequently, they are taller with smaller bases, to emphasise the shadow the lamp casts.
  • Textures: Plastic and resin bases have made way for metal, glass and crystal bases, while distressed finishes are adding texture to the shades which resonate a crafty homemade look as opposed to a factory manufactured style.
  • Green sustainability: Younger consumers, smaller living spaces, and a quest for sustainable living reflect in lighting too. This trend has resulted in a shift from incandescent light bulbs to LED and fluorescent bulbs, which has allowed more creativity in lamp shades. Your conventional lamp shade is replaced by a more complex, almost structural, yet simple shade which achieves an uncluttered look, regardless of the embellishments used.

About Decor Lighting

This family business has been in operation for 25 years, and people know we emphasise correct fit, high quality and comfort by bringing you traditional, classic or contemporary designs to complement your design aesthetics. Exceptional before and after-sales customer service is of paramount importance to us. We supply modern day products with yester-year quality and service.

Let us shed some light in your life, give us a call to schedule a free home consultation at a time that suits you.