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Finding the Perfect Floor Lamps and Bedside Table Lamps

Even the smallest elements can have a significant impact on the interior design. While the flooring, cabinetry, colour scheme, and furniture may be considered the basic components of home decor, lighting ties everything together by transforming a plain space into a warm den or an opulent seating area. All you need to do to complete the look of your home if you want to create a particular mood is to invest in a few different kinds of lighting.

Today, many lamp types are available that can beautify your home and its corners. 

You can choose the light you require based on your home's decor, wall colour scheme, furniture, artwork, etc.

In this blog post, we will talk about two major lamps that can complement any contemporary space. So let's get started.

Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps: The modern and minimalist style

If you want to give a space light and height, you must choose floor lamps. With their help, you can also create a focal point or define a space. Because they come in so many different shapes and styles, they may go with any interior decor.

They are well positioned in the corners or behind a couch or a pair of lounge chairs due to their size and shape. Incorporating floor lamps in the living room is simple and creates a striking fashion statement. The characteristics of several contemporary floor lamps include touch controls, storage areas, and USB ports.

So when the time comes to select the best floor lamp, here is what you must look into:

  1. Size of the room: The size is a key factor in choosing the right floor lamp size. A huge, ornate lamp could overpower a little space and make it seem claustrophobic. Conversely, a little bulb may not illuminate a large room adequately. You must balance the lamp's functionality and presence when deciding on size. Choose a streamlined, manageable design that doesn't overwhelm a small space. In a larger space, think about more solid solutions that enhance the space's aesthetics.

  2. Style of the decor: The lamp you pick should blend nicely with the current decor style of your home. A sleek, stylish lamp will blend perfectly in a modern, minimalistic environment. On the other hand, a floor lamp with elaborate embellishments could improve the atmosphere if your décor has a traditional or old feel.

  3. Personal preferences: Your choice of lamp should be determined by your tastes. Consider whether you prefer a clear and straightforward style or complicated and decorative elements. A minimalist floor lamp with simple lines can appeal more if you value understatement. However, a lamp with ornamental features like elaborate patterns or textured shades can be the best option if you desire a little drama and elegance. Your floor lamp is a reflection of your style and a useful item.

Bedside Table Lamps: An intimating lighting option

Bedside table lamps are essential for reading, getting ready for bed, or having a late-night snack. They offer a gentle, pleasant light ideal for reading or unwinding before bed. These lamps are available in various shapes and dimensions, from basic to big and elaborate. 

Depending on the design, they can be fixed to the wall or set on a bedside table. Although there isn't any hard-and-fast rule that you must always purchase a pair of bedside table lamps, most interior designers advise doing so if you have a single bed and two if you have a big or king-size bed. 

A big bed will look more balanced if you put a bedside lamp on each side. Certainly,  choosing the right table lamp requires looking into several key considerations. Such as: 

  1. Size of your nightstand: It's important to consider how big your nightstand is about your bedside lamp. The height of the lamp should be proportional to the size of the nightstand. The lamp should be slightly taller or the same height as the nightstand's surface. This makes sure that the light is emitting at the proper intensity for bedside activities like reading. A lamp that is too short or too tall may not emit a soft enough light or provide enough lighting.
  2. Style of your bedroom decor: The table lamp should blend in with the overall decor of your bedroom, just like any other interior design decision. A sleek, straightforward lamp design with clean lines would look great in a modern, minimalist bedroom. Choose a lamp with more elaborate decorations and a fabric shade that adds warmth to a more conventional or classic bedroom. The lamp's colour, texture, and shape should complement your bedroom's design motif.
  3. Size of the lampshade: In addition to considering the lamp's overall height, consider the lampshade's size. While a smaller lampshade might offer more focused lighting, a larger lampshade can diffuse light more evenly and produce a softer glow. The shade's shape and colour influence the overall look and the light's quality.


Finding the ideal lamps to enhance your house's aesthetics and practicality requires more than just planning. You can select lamps that you'll adore for years by taking the size of the area, the style of your decor, and your particular preferences into account. 

Call our experts to speak with one of our lighting specialists before you go online to buy them.